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LEAD believes that the mentoring experience is a catalyst to extraordinary personal transformation, often making us better children, parents, siblings, spouses, friends, partners and co-workers. We are always grateful for the men and women that choose to participate in what we consider a courageous, demanding and deeply rewarding kind of volunteerism. Thank you for visiting this page.

Our Mentor Program is based on the guiding principles and nationally recognized recommendations of The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR).

For more than 25 years, MENTOR has served the mentoring field by providing a public voice; developing and delivering resources to mentoring programs nationwide; and promoting quality for mentoring through evidence-based standards, innovative research and essential tools.



While LEAD has often had mentors choose to journey with their LEADer through the entirety of middle school, a single calendar year on campus is the minimum investment of time.

1-hour in-person training

LEAD staff holds informal interview & informational training sessions as needed to keep our mentors educated and well prepared

(2) 45-minute campus visits a month

Visits with your LEADer are of great importance and are how the impact is best made.

Willingness to provide session data

LEAD is thrilled to be partnered with University of Houston’s Department of Psychology to achieve a greater understanding of the efficacy of mentoring youth. Entering pertinent information regarding each session is required.